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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The colours and abstract shapes of the Cubist movement have made reproduction prints of their original paintings particularly popular. Whilst each member had their own unique approach within the group, there are clear similarities amongst them which helped create this overall label that categorised their overall style.

Modern art movements tend to be more adaptable to print reproductions because of the lower level of detail used within their paintings, as compared to something like a Renaissance or Baroque mural. The elements of Cubism tend to be big and bold, allowing viewers to quickly understand the piece without much background knowledge of the artist. The colours are also bolder, which is helpful when you are looking for something to really lift the look of your room at home. Small options can still suit this type of art because the main parts of the composition would still be entirely identifiable. Even with the Cubist forms of artists like Picasso, Leger, Gris and Braque, you should still be able to work out most of the objects used in their still life works, particularly if the rather helpful titles are accompanying the print.

The paintings section of this website details all of the most popular choices for reproduction posters or art prints from Gris' career, displaying the highlights from an extensive oeuvre which compares well even against the other great names that starred during this period. Portrait of Pablo Picasso, Still Life before an Open Window, Portrait of Josette Gris and Still Life with Checked Tablecloth are the four more obvious ones to go for, partly for their artistic qualities and partly for the content that they contain. There are plenty more to consider, plus perhaps his drawings too which are also included on some retail websites. Some prefer the simplicity of this art form and interest in reproductions of figurative drawings is on the increase, in part due to a number of high profile exhibitions in recent years which have focused on the drawings of a number of famous painters and sculptors.

Those who have decided on their chosen artwork will then need to decide how they customise their chosen piece. Many options are available and your decisions will be dictated by personal taste and also the budget that you have available for the purchase. Frame art prints will always offer a more professional finish than unframed but they naturally are much more expensive. The style of artists like Juan Gris would only require a fairly simple design for the frame, certainly nothing extravagent like you might find with more traditional art forms. Normally a black or white wooden frame would suffice with any type of modern art. You may also consider shipping costs which will be heavily impacted by the way in which you customise your print, as frames, covers and mats will significantly increase the weight of the package to be posted.

The mats mentioned here are for separating the frame from the original artwork, which allows the artist's work to take centre stage. You will need to choose a colour for it, and that is best to match the frame that is sits alongside. These are relatively cheap additions of high quality card that can leave a really smart finish to the painting. Also remember that a mat will force the frame to be slightly wider, again adding costs and also worth considering when planning where to put it once it arrives. Check out a few different retailers to see which combination of customising options best suits your budget and taste, as they all differ one way or another in the services and products that they offer. Likewise, the prices will vary too, as will the type of paper that you artwork will be printed on - that will probably be the most important factor to consider for your final product.

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