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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Tiziano Vecelli also referred to as Titian is better known for his amazing portraits and his keen eye to small details. He is seen to showcase these abilities on his portrait of Cosimo de Medici later Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Being an amazing portraitist, he was able to capture Cosimo de Medici exactly as he was during the time of the painting. It was during the sixteenth century that he was able to produce some of the best paintings that captured everyone’s attention including some of the most powerful people like Duke Cosimo himself. He was known for his ability to bring portraits to light throughout his painting carrier.

During the sixteenth century, the oil technique on canvas was very common among painters. That is the same method that Titian employed to come up with this unique artwork of the later grand duke of Tuscany. The simple fact that he could simply deliver the exact face he saw on a canvas was so amazing. It was during the time of high renaissance that he created this amazing photo.

This is a portrait of the young Cosimo de Medici who ended up being the second duke of Florence and the grand duke of Tuscany. Cosimo being from the bloodline of Medici, was more active on the internal affairs of the Medici’s rather than the political part of it. He only joined the politics side after his distant cousin Alessandro was assassinated. In Florence, he was made the leader of the republic and later the duke grand duke of Tuscany. In the portrait, Titian being an amazing painter puts piece by piece together to come up with a rather brilliant portrait that has something distinct than other painters’ portraits. He had a swift hand making this picture stand out with some incredible details that most artists couldn’t achieve.

Through this painting, he puts his focus on the Cosimo de Medici’s face as he is seen to do in other portraits. He brings out the unique facial features of the young Cosimo the grand duke painting his mouth, nose and chin perfectly to deliver a great finish. He then goes ahead to paint the duke's eyes achieving some sense of realism. The background is rather dull but he is keen to ensure that it visible. All the details on Cosimo's clothes are done so well with great attention. Cosimo de Medici the Grand Duke of Tuscany died on 21st April 1574 In Castello near Florence. He is often remembered for using his power to promote the well-being of his entire country. The portrait is considered among the best portrait to be developed by Titian one of the best painters during the high renaissance.

The painting belongs to a private collection and is being used only for educational purposes. It is not known who commissioned it and whether there are any other artists who were involved in the creation of this great piece.