There are several reasons for the continued reproduction of paintings from the Renaissance masters, such as Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. Firstly, the artistic qualities are extraordinary, as is the diversity of their work, covering frescos, sculpture, inventions and architectural and portrait drawings. There are also significant numbers of religious depictions which draws in today's Christians. Most modern artists tend to avoid such themes.

Titian's use of colour, particularly in his handling of the different tones of flesh in his portraits is considered by many to be one of the highlights from the entire history of art. The opportunity to hold a reproduction of such beauty in your home is an attactive proposition for many. Perhaps the popularity of Titian, despite being outside of the main three reminds us a little of Sandro Botticelli whose style is also particularly popular in today's mainstream art market.

It is the handling of colour, particularly bright colour, that has proven to be the most important element of an artist's popularity in the modern day. This is why Titian's work has risen in exposure over the past century or so and why exhibitions of his work will always attract larger numbers of visitors than alternative members of the Renaissance and Baroque periods who perhaps excelled in other technical areas. It is one thing to study art and each individual artist, but to see linkage between them is so much more interesting.

The style of Titian in terms of art print reproductions is best suited to framed, high quality prints with perhaps an inlay matte to separate the artwork from the frame. Much comes down to particular style of home in which the print will be added, with a more traditional home being able to handle a more extravagent frame and perhaps a larger size of print. Smaller, more modern homes suit contemporary frames whose style tends to be particularly minimalist. One positive from modern interior design is that print reproductions have become essential for adding the final touch to an otherwise sparse wall.

Print reproduction companies offer a great variety of options to suit your needs, with huge choices of different sizes, framing finishes and matte inlays being available. Titian's work is perfectly suited to those who want to add a combination of colour and Renaissance style to their homes.