The Abundant Earth is a symbolic painting by Diego Rivera which aims to remind humanity of it's roots and also the respect and love that we should always have for the planet on which we live. Modern life may have concerned the artist with how things were changing due to the industrial world. Capitalism was also bringing in a greater level of selfishness which ultimately was dangerous for society. His political leanings to the left are clearly displayed in some of his other murals and paintings, such as Man at the Crossroads which even featured a portrait of Lenin within its complex composition.

The abundance, specifically, is portrayed through the fruits that grow across the scene, with many of the figures enjoying some themselves. Rivera puts a thick background of foliage in the background which delivers food a plenty for these lucky souls. Their lack of clothing also adds to this idea of this being close to the start of man, where we had very little other than the planet itself.

Frida Kahlo had a similar interest in the role of nature in society as well as seeking to protect it from the horrors of man. Indeed, this is a common theme in the work of many famous artists. The content also links closely with religiously-themed paintings from the Baroque and Renaissance era, such as scenes of Adam and Eve.