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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The style of muralist artist Diego Rivera was perfectly suited to art print reproductions in how he used the bright colours found throughout Mexican art. The only issue in recent years has been translating his colossal murals such as The History of Mexico, Man at the Crossroads and Pan American Unity, into small art prints that can be effectively hung on your wall without losing any of their original beauty.

The bold and colourful styles of Diego Rivera have made his original paintings and murals highly sought after as reproductions, be it giclee art prints, posters or stretched canvases. There can be no doubt that his style is perfectly suited to contemporary, minimalist homes for those looking to add art with a little colour and energy to make their living rooms a little more interesting. It is very easy to see from Rivera's work just exactly why Mexican art has become so appreciated by western art followers, and not just because it is different.

All of the images of Diego Rivera paintings found within this website are all accompanied by links from where you can find excellent reproductions of each original work at a highly affordable price. Our recommended art retailer is Art.com who we have used several times ourselves for Diego Rivera reproductions and as such we are more than happy to recommend their excellent service. Within the gallery is a great collection of his work, with framed and unframed giclee art prints, posters and stretched canvases all available alongside a host of customisable options such as frame size, material and style.

Flower Carrier is another painting that comes from the career of Diego Rivera which captures the perils and hardships of lives for those at the bottom of society within an expanding Mexico. Many years later this situation is not entirely different and many still work long and arduous days within the agricultural sector of this unique country. Art is an excellent way of drawing attention to the difficulties of the less fortunate and Rivera also was very much in touch with their suffering, hence his strong political beliefs. The photograph displayed in this page is actually of another fine artwork by Rivera, namely Nude with Calla Lilies.

La Noche de Los Pobres is a slighly more downbeat painting from Diego Rivera which you can see above. Whilst continuing his focus on the lives of common people within Mexico, La Noche de Los Pobres is very honest and slightly dark in how it captures the mood of those incorporated into this painting. There are a few similarities to Van Gogh's Potato Eaters in the way that there is a frank description of the difficulities being experienced by these people, even though Van Gogh's artistic style at this time was very different to that of Diego Rivera and also their backgrounds were geographically very far apart.

Flower Vendor is a painting from Diego Rivera which perfectly represents his best known approach to art, which as mentioned was to address the common people of his local community and to depict their daily lives in the most bright and alluring way possible. His style was perfectly suited to the art media of oils and most post-impressionists whose work bear clear similarities to Diego Rivera are also predominantly users of oils on canvas. You will notice from the art included throughout our Diego Rivera gallery that portraits in different guises can be found in almost all of his paintings.

Frida Kahlo was an artist who had a close relationship with Diego Rivera that led to marriage and their closeness lasted up to her sad death at a relatively young age. Frida Kahlo was able in her short life to create a great reputation as a portrait artist as well as a highly complicated individual who was relatively typical of a skilled artist, both highly creative and also unsettled mentally. In recent years Frida Kahlo's career has grown remarkably in popularity having previously been left in the shadow of her husband.

El Vendedor de Alcatraces again focuses on the physical toil endured by agricultural workers in Mexico and adds a beauty to it through bright colours which light up the stylish array of flowers which are carried by the crouched woman.

Diego Rivera paintings come from the career of the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera who specialised in brightly painted oil paintings and murals. Rivera is also well known for his relationship with fellow painter Frida Kahlo who became his wife for several years. You can also find Diego Rivera paintings here. This website includes images of all of the best Rivera paintings as well as discussing his career in detail.

This impressive painter and muralist was a bold artist whose style is immediately recognisable right across his impressive and prolonged career which lasted around 50 years in total and took in many different art media as he looked to experiment continuously and take his skills as far as he possibly could. Diego Rivera's style was known to have most been influenced by notable European contemporary painters Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Paul Cezanne.

His paintings are amongst the most popular from any Mexican artist in history and in recent years there has been a growing interest in artists like Rivera as well as frequent Diego Rivera exhibitions which have generally proved very popular, with his bright painting style being of particular interest to modern art fans. There are also frequent reproductions bought of his original paintings for those who want to enjoy his art within their own homes.

This artist is probably the most famous muralist, certainly of the 20th century, and his art works helped to create the Mexican Mural Renaissance movement of which he was a member. Rivera was also a highly politicised person who actively followed Communism and used the fame brought by his successful career to push his own political beliefs. Rivera took his mural art to many different cities after establishing a reputation as the first choice for any commissions in this art form. His murals can be found in a variety of cities such as Mexico City, Chapingo, Cuernavaca, San Francisco, Detroit and New York.

Diego Rivera reproductions are extremely popular right across the world for this artist who established a truly international following which has remained right up to the modern day. Many of his fans most frequently choose framed giclee art prints though others prefer the cheaper option of posters or stretched canvases instead. This website features links to the Art.com Diego Rivera prints gallery where you can choose from a huge collection of original Rivera works.

From clicking on the photo above of Rivera's painting you can see many more great works by him as prints to buy online from an extensive gallery. There are around 100 to pick from in total, plus further famous Mexican prints by other painters. You might enjoy their high quality tapestries, stretched canvases and framed / unframed art prints, many of which are available at sale prices.

Diego Rivera has a huge following thanks to his native style which boasts great charm and integrity. It is easy to see immediately why Rivera prints are so popular for those looking to buy art online because of the colours which stand out and contrast brilliantly. Rivera was also a proud and committed Communist and these views are suggested in many of his works, with a concentration on the lives of common people, as shown with flower carriers and agricultural workers. Whilst moving abroad Rivera never lost these deeply held principles which he attempted to instill into others through his art and his public persona.

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