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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Artists have a unique way of giving out what they feel. Moreover, the artistical world has evolved with time and given rise to multiple forms of representing paints. On top of that, each artist has a peculiar way of coming up with painting.

These means include murals, paintings, sketches among others. Murals are a form of decorations that are done on the walls of huge buildings. This form of painting originated in Mexico in 1900 and allowed artists to express themselves on walls and glasses worldwide. There are multiple murals that have been done over time with the best example being the La Mujer del Pozo by Diego Rivera.

The La Mujer del Pozo.

The La Mujer del Pozo is a 1913 painting which features numerous elements within a singular painting. These include a blend of synthetic cubism and futuristic movement minus the use of cubic tones. A glimpse onto the painting exposes the users to a mixture of blue and green colors. For that reason, the piece takes its audience to a dive of varied polychromy. The painting also brings into focus Rivera’s research on the fourth dimension.

The painting features a woman by the well as she tries to fetch water to her pot. As a result, the artist can show the world how hardworking individuals were in the past. At the background of the painting, the audience can also spot a bird-like design. This shows the ability of the artist to capitalize on his skills and bring out a beautiful environment. Furthermore, the bird brings into mind how the environment was favorable in the past that it would support life. Also, the artist gives the painting a Mexican originality. He does this by embedding the Mexican valley at the background. However, this section is only visible when individuals pay keen attention to the painting.

The piece is a complete blend of both the old artistic means of painting and a new means of painting. Also, the artist tries to merge his cultural, artistic form of painting available in Mexico with the European means of painting. In addition, the artist brings a nice balance in his color choice. As a result, the painting captures the attention of its audience easily minus having a color clash. Also, the painting claims its originality since it features the valley of Mexico at the background.