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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Different portraits by different artists have featured in various art galas. Portraits are known to be a pictorial representation of a particular individual or either a graphical imagination of any character. Also, this means painting was only accessible to the noble or the rich.

One of the famous picture of all time is the infamous Portrait of Edmond Maitre by Frederic Bazille. So join as us as we have a look at the 1869 painting and discuss all factors about this masterpiece.

This painting features Edmond Maitre dressed in a formal attire while seated on a chair. From the piece of art, we can also notice Edmond holding a cigar on his right hand and a book with the other. The book is on Edmond’s lap. On the background is a solid light mud color for a wall. Also noticeable is the chair on which he is seated for it looks not only luxurious but also classic. Also, the artist is also able to give a detailed description of what kind of man Edmond is. This is because of his well-groomed, suggesting that he must have been a prominent person. From the painting, we can also notice the fact that the character has well-combed hair include the beard. This shows that the artist is one of the best in detailed descriptions of characters within his painting.

The painting is at the Washington museum of art, where it has attracted millions of viewers and art phonetics. It's also worth considering that the Portrait of Edmond Maitre by Frederic Bazille is of oil and canvas, a means of painting that allows artists to make oils paints on canvas material. Also, the piece of art is of impressionism, a 19th-century painting movement that was characterized by the use of relatively small and thin strokes of brushes.

Ultimately, the painting portrays the artist as a master of the brushes and paints. Furthermore, the artist has a good blend of colors since all the colors in the painting blend in well with each other. This is because he observes the basic rules of any portrait. These include a solid background which is evident throughout the painting. Also, the artist gives us a brief glimpse into the body of Edmond Maître. As a result, its only right o crown Mr. Frederic Bazille as a renowned artist of all time.