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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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One of the essential things about painting is usually finding what drives and wows you to paint. However, finding what to draw is never easy at all for artists.

This is because this is what describes your painting, tells the story on your picture. Just like in stories this could be defined as the plot of a painting. This has made various artists come up with multiple forms of pieces of art. Thereby coming out with whatever it is that wows them. Many have opted-in to portrait painting, painting animals and the environment, painting ladies painting the Romans, and lastly doing religious painting. However, George Stubbs opted to paint nature and animals. This enabled most of his paintings to feature in royal palaces such as the Carlton House of George the IV and was later known as the Royal Lodge. One of his most famous painting that featured in the Royal Lodge is the one tittled A Gray Horse painting.

The famous artist George Stubbs did paint A Gray Horse in 1793. From the art, we can see a gray horse galloping across a field. Much can be said about the horse since the artist brings out how muscular and robust the horse is. The tail of the horse is a little bit weird. Since the painting does not fully cover it. This would make one conclude that the horse might have been wild. From the painting can also observe that the horse is free. This is because it is not chained. Instead it is freely roaming the environment.

Aside from being left agape by the horse, the painting is also able to bring a clear definition of what the environment was. This is because the artist is determined to capture and fully describe to us the environment around the horse. He not only focuses on the environment but also focuses on the sky. The artist gives a detailed description of the clouds thereby giving the weather of the region. This shows that the artist is good at focusing on what the climate and the environment are in a painting.

By having the weather and environment described, he can stress out artists the importance of these elements in a painting. This illustrates that the artist is a good storyteller. He is also able to give a detailed description of the plants and how green they are. This enables us to determine the weather on around the area. The artist also displays a good mixture of colours thereby making the painting outstanding and attractive.