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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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George Stubbs was a classic English artist from the 18th century and was most respected for his accurate depictions of horses, as seen in his Whistlejacket masterpiece

This website covers his life and career in full, including photos of his most significant paintings and sketches.

George Stubbs has established a reputation as a skilled artist of animals through careful study of their bodies over many years.

George Stubbs studied and painted horses like no other major artist had ever done before. The years of careful research paid dividends eventually, with Stubbs building a solid reputation as a truly gifted artist who was also innovative within his career in choosing a different path to others and avoiding the normal route of portrait paintings and religious depictions.

You will find throughout a large collection of horse paintings, including different styles such as accurate anatomy depictions and other more complete paintings which include landscapes across the background.

George Stubbs was much more respected for his paintings of animals than his alternative historical paintings which came at a different time in his career. The successful animal paintings went far beyond just dogs and horses as Stubbs sought new challenges within this genre.

Later animals incorporated into Stubbs' paintings included lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, and rhinoceroses who the artist could study thanks to his connections to private landowners who owned such creatures.

The quality and traditional style used by George Stubbs within his paintings have made them exceptionally popular as print reproductions for those who want to add his original paintings to their own homes or offices.

Most frequently, customers choose framed giclee art prints or handmade oil painting reproductions which offer the most accurate copies to what Stubbs produced many centuries ago. Other alternatives includes stretched canvases, posters and even tapestries.

Green Pastures is highly typical of George Stubbs, featuring horses relaxing within a charming natural landscape, giving this completed painting a feel of classic British art.

George Stubbs was known to go to extreme lengths in his study of animals and this helped him to implement great accuracy within each animal painting. Horses were his greatest interest and also offered the largest challenge to Stubbs who devoted large periods of study to understanding exactly the physical forms of these creatures.

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Horse and Dog is a charming example of Stubbs' use of horses and dogs. The close relationship shown in this painting will inevitably be popular with many looking to buy reproductions for their own homes, as touching images of animals is much loved by so many, almost regardless of the qualities of the art itself.

Horse and Dog also serves as a great example from his career, with it including both of the animals for which he is most fondly remembered for painting.

George Stubbs achieved huge recognition as an artist of animals and particularly was impressive with dogs and horses. Comparisons can be made between him and Sir Edwin Henry Landseer who himself was also a respected painter of animals.

Landseer produced accurate portraits of dogs, horses plus also the stag as seen in the Monarch of the Glen which was his best known work.

Whistlejacket is undoubtably the most famous painting by George Stubbs and can now be found at National Gallery in London where it sits alongside other classic British painters like Thomas Gainsborough and William Hogarth.

Whistlejacket was commissioned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham and was one of three painted for him by Stubbs. It is fairly unusual to see a painting without a background, which adds to the interest in this work.

List of Famous George Stubbs Paintings

Please find a comprehensive list of the most famous George Stubbs paintings below, with most featured throughout this website.

  • Whistlejacket
  • A Grey Horse
  • A Horse Frightened by a Lion
  • Baronet with Samuel Chifney
  • Bay Hunter With Two Spaniels
  • Cheetah with Two Indian Attendants and a Stag
  • Grey Stallion In Landscape
  • Haymaking
  • Horse Attacked by a Lion
  • Lion Devouring A Horse
  • Mares and Foals Disturbed by an Approaching Storm
  • Milbanke And Melbourne Families
  • Sir John Nelthorpe at Shooting with Two Pointers
  • The Fall of Phaeton
  • The Moose
  • Two Bay Mares And A Grey Pony In Landscape
  • White Poodle in a Punt
  • William Anderson With Two Saddle Horses
  • Zebra