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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Spanish Pointer painting portrays the Spanish-native breed of dog on hunting mission in the forest. It brings out the emotions and thoughts of George Stubbs in a clear way.

It was created in 1766 when George was still practicing painting. It is rumored that he copied the old Spanish pointer painting by John Buckler. He got his idea from John Buckler's painting, but his Spanish pointer painting is more vivid and beautiful. George Stubbs preferred oil on canvas for most of the paintings and sometimes added pine resins to make paintings more durable. Victoria Pemberton-Piggot, a respected art historian, writes that Stubb had a unique way of painting and that is why his artworks stayed longer compared to those of other artists. His artworks are in good condition because of the unique finishing technique that he used: he treated the painting with a translucent watercolor wash.

The Spanish Pointer painting is currently in the Yale Center for British art in Connecticut in the United States. Little is known about who commissioned because, by the time he was painting it, he was studying the anatomy of the horse with the help of his common-law wife. George Stubbs began his painting career under the mentorship of Hamlet Winstanley who was painter and engraver in Lancashire. The apprenticeship did not last long due to a conflict about the paintings George Stubbs was to copy while practicing to paint. He after that left to learn how to paint by himself.

George later decided to fulfill his childhood dream of learning anatomy. Under Surgeon Charles Atkinson, he was able to learn anatomy at York County hospital between the years 1745 and 1753. During this period, he also worked as a portrait painter. Ozias Humphrey is a leading English painter who was inspired by George Stubbs. He is the one who wrote a biography of George Stubbs describing the things he learned from George during the short period they were together.

George Stubbs is regarded as one of the most talented English painters because of his unique ability to add realism into his paintings. George was renowned for creating beautiful horse paintings with his most prized artwork being the Whistlejacket which portrays an energetic brown stallion. He was born in Liverpool in the 18th century to a leather dresser. He gained interest in painting animals while he was helping his father run the family business. When he was a teenager, he expressed his intentions to become a painter, at which his father reluctantly accepted on condition that he studies under a mentor.