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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Discover beautiful print reproductions of the finest Nicolas Poussin paintings and choose between the major highlights from his extensive career.

Poussin paintings have been very popular as reproductions in recent years with French art fans flocking to his extensive portfolio of paintings which despite dating back to the 17th century, still hold a high reputation within the art public. In most cases Poussin paintings are ordered as framed giclee art print reproductions which best suit the original style of this artist, though others sometimes prefer posters and stretched canvases instead. Giclee prints are respected for their accuracy of colour reproduction so are a good place to start if you are interested in buying Poussin painting reproductions. All of the finest paintings from Poussin are included within this website, with each one accompanied by links to where you can buy your own copies as framed art prints or posters from recommended online retailer Amazon.

This website includes an impressive image gallery of around 30 of the most significant works that came from the career of Nicolas Poussin and offer links from each to the Amazon Poussin prints gallery where you can buy your own copies of his original paintings to add to the walls of your home or office. We use Amazon ourselves and are more than happy to recommend them to you because of their excellent service and also the impressively comprehensive collection of Poussin paintings that can be found in their website. You can also find Poussin paintings here. This website includes a full array of the best paintings from his career, with links to where you can find reproductions of his originals to buy as framed art prints, posters and stretched canvases. Many retailers will allow you to customise your print in many ways, ensuring that your product is as unique and personal to you as possible.

But which one to choose, from such a wide ranging career? Well, the most famous of Poussin's paintings would include the likes of The Shepherds of Arcadia (Et in Arcadia ego), A Dance to the Music of Time, The Inspiration of the Poet and The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus and there are many more besides this to potentially interest you. The style is consistent throughout, so it would more be the particular content that would make you prefer one over another. There are landscapes to enjoy, which was unusual for this period, as well as breathtaking religious-inspired scenes. These include some extraordinary scenes of activity which would be best suited to a larger print, where more of the detail can be distinguished as a reproduction. A smaller print would perhaps lose most of the original's magic and wonder. The most likely reason to choose a print from this artist would be a religious belief, alongside a love of art from this period, and many of the public fall into this category.

The artist's influence was considerable, and those who appreciate his style will likely also be interested in other artists who carried his legacy into their own work. These include the likes of Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Paul Cezanne, who all fused elements of his work into their own, whilst creating their own unique signature styles themselves. They also feature frequently within the art print reproduction market. All of these artists are well represented online, with hundreds of impressive artworks between them to enjoy, across a wide variety of different genres, such as portraits by Ingres and landscape paintings by Cezanne. They all offer examples of how art develops over generations and the best influence the next up and coming group, again and again.