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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo is an art that is keep in one of the art centers called Museum of Fine Arts, and this center is in a place called Budapest.

Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo was a portrait done by a person who came from Italy and was called Raphael. The art was in oil and this was done in a wood medium. Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo was done in specific dimensions in centimeters and this measurement gave a rectangle shape. The artist Raphael worked on the painting and completed it in 1506. Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo is one of the early paintings done by Raphael. When still in Urbino court that time Raphael was working on the portrait, the painting show how he was bettering his work from a previous style known as Umbrian to a latest one called Florentine.

Raphael made the painting more attractive by painting using red, the beret and the inside clothe were in red and they were against a very beautiful natural environment .The portrait looked so real and it generally showed calmness. It was unique and detailed and was almost thought to be self-art. After the portrait was complete few years later Pietro Bembo became a cardinal. The portrait showed how the young cardinal when still young. Raphael made sure that the hands are not just hanging he drew them placed on parapet and in one hand Pietro Bembo hold something white. In the portrait of the young Pietro Bembo had long hair that hanged on either side.

Raphael the artist of Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo made this painting, however it had some parts that were not similar to Pietro Bembo despite the fact that the two, Raphael and Pietro Bembo knew each other and even being friends. Raphael painted the nose different from people expectations it led to so many artist being asked to do the portrait of the young Pietro Bembo. There was a time Pietro Bembo went to see the friend Raphael in a place called Urbino this is the time that the artist had an opportunity to put some drawings of his friend down, this portrait was taken by Pietro Bembo and kept it. There being controversial about the portrait of the young Pietro Bembo not looking similar to the real person, it brought some complaints about several arts that Raphael had worked on like that of Agnolo Doni paintings which Raphael had painted the same time he was working on the Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo.

In the Portrait of the young Pietro Bembo, Raphael painted Bembo in a red beret and in the year 2004 Carol Kidwell read Pietro Bembo biography, refereeing to the portrait done by Raphael, Pietro Bembo in the portrait looks happy and not what some were thinking a person who wanted for himself and not others. There is research going on about the portrait of the young Pietro Bembo some saying that there is some similarity to a portrait in Florence. However the fact remains that the portrait was painted by Raphael.