He composed music for viola da gamba instrument. Due to his great composition, Gainsborough contributed to this work by creating the paintings for performance venues. This portrait is exhibited in California at the library of Huntington. The portrait of the artist Thomas Gainsborough, of the composer Karl Friedrich Abel, shows the musician as if he had just been interrupted in his office. Before notes leave his head, the busy musician takes his eyes off his work, which he is pouring on paper.

His cello is leaning casually on his leg so that he can quickly play the melodies he hears and then put them on paper. Abel has excelled in his musical career. The size of his beautiful chair, curtain and even his copper-colored silk vest radiate success and wealth. He is connected with music and nature since he is an enlightened person. Abel's dog sleeps quietly at the feet of his master. The only one allowed in Abel's office while he works is this faithful companion. The dog plays the role of a silent audience. The presence of a dog awakens a sense of calm feeling. It also gives the viewer a feeling of comfort towards the person sitting and his personality.

The portrait would be out of balance without the dog; it completes the artwork. Gainsborough, a big fan of dogs, puts the light source on the face of Abel and Dog. The other part of his fluffy white body lies in the shadow of the table. If you think that only a crazy dog ​​lover can be seen on the puppy picture, you should know how much the people of the 18th century had love towards their dogs. During an exhibition, the St James Chronicles announced the "correctness" of the painting's execution of the dog. Thomas Gainsborough painted this significant artwork.