The technique used in the painting of a landscape in Suffolk is rococo. This style brings to life the gorgeous landscape around. The trees in the area can be easily identified. The dark clouds are painted perfectly that you can see the great beauty of the area. You can easily identify the beautiful cottages in the area. The materials used in this painting are oil and canvas. The oil and canvas were used to create great paintings. This is because these materials blend nicely to give the painting a vibrant and lively colour. The strokes are achieved to perfection, ensuring that the painting looks magnificent.

Though he was commissioned to do a lot of landscape painting for King George III. This particular painting was not commissioned by anyone. He wanted to capture the beauty of his home town. With the lush green vegetation and river running between the land, which shows an elegant and casual setting. This elegant landscape painting is found in Vienna Austria in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The dark clouds that are above the area correspond with the landscape below. This creates an amazing and remarkable painting.

Most of his landscape painting was inspired by people like Jacob Van Ruisdael, Gaspard Dughet, and Claude Lorrain. He integrated his styles with their work to create a unique landscape painting. This made his work unique, creative, and representing the aristocratic feeling. He acknowledges their work, and this made him an amazing painter. The painting of the landscape in Suffolk shows the beauty of the area. The lush green environment blends in with the cloud creating a harmony. How the river flows between the lands shows the beauty of nature. Thomas Gainsborough manages to capture all this in his painting.