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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Carl Friedrich Abel II by Thomas Gainsborough is a painting which was released in 1977. Gainsborough decided to paint Carl Friedrich Abel II holding a violin. Carl Friedrich Abel II was a fantastic musician, and Gainsborough thought it was essential to paint him.

The color is fantastic that every detail in the painting is visible. A table has also been shown in the picture, and there are a radio and a little holder on the table. His coat is brown that it blends with the yellow vest that he is wearing under a white shirt. The brown color on the walls is conspicuous that one can tell it from a distance. He is also wearing white boots which have been brushed. The picture shows that Carl was in a house probably about to play the violin. He is looking on the side, which gives the painting a clear view of his white hair. The picture was released in 1977, and the art industry was amazed by its color and the maximum resolution.

In the painting, Carl is holding the violin in one hand and the bow on the other side. The brushwork of the painting is fantastic that every detail in the picture is clean. Gainsborough has done more than one portraits of Carl Friedrich Abel II, but this was the first one whose main feature was him with the violin. He has done one painting of Carl sitting down writing a song, and the violin is playing on the ground. Therefore, in this painting, he took a different route by focusing on Carl holding on the violin.

Gainsborough has inspired many people in the art field that his artworks are used to teach in schools. He was inspired by the works of Jacob van Ruisdael and Jan Wijnants, whose style also resembled that of Gainsborough's. The art commissioned by Thomas Dulwich Picture Gallery London UK who manages its sales. The Estate of Thomas Gainsborough owns the painting, and it holds all the licenses and the copyrights. This painting resembles most of the pictures that he used to do, such as James Christie, Robert Price, and Queen Charlotte. However, his other paintings are different such as Mr. and Mrs. Andrews and An Unknown Couple in a Landscape. Carl Friedrich Abel II is an incredible painting which gave Gainsborough a breakthrough in the art industry.