Thomas had a way to make all his portraits speak for themselves. He incorporated landscape to make the paintings more magnificent. The techniques used in the painting of Charles Howard 11th Duke of Norfolk was realism. This painting is a self-portrait that showed Charles Howard. The style and technique can be seen in the posture of the duke. Thomas Gainsborough took his time in painting the duke in a real likeness. This painting was done by the use of oil and canvas as can be seen by each stroke of perfection. The oil and canvas make the portrait stand out. This is because they give the painting the vibrant color. Also, they make the painting appear so real and magnificent.

The painting of Charles Howard 11th duke of Norfolk was commissioned by the duke. This portrait was to commemorate his ascending to become a duke. He succeeded his father as the duke. This portrait shows him as a marshal and as a duke. The clothes he wore shows how he fitted in both the roles. Although the clothes were added to an original portrait. This painting is on display at the Arundel castle. The duke spends most of his money to refurbish and rebuild the castle. He used great architectures to ensure that the castle looked great and styling. This castle still stands and looks gorgeous.

Some of his painting was inspired by Anthony van Dyck. His painting adopted a formal setting that was what made his a brilliant painter of portraits. Additionally, he had a way of showing the landscape and the idyllic scenes in his portraits, which made them unique. This portrait of the duke showed his strength and how he took his role seriously. The landscape blends in with his posture. He manages to bring out the duke as a strong and authoritative man.