Known to his creativity and artistry, The English portrait and landscape painter expressed his mind by coming up with an excellent painting of a young girl holding a jug and a dog. His experience makes him deliver a masterpiece. Just like most of the paintings he had produced before this painting, Thomas Gainsborough uses oil on canvas. These were his favorite materials, and he is known to use them most of the time. The style used to paint a peasant girl with dog and jug is Rococo. A similar method is seen as being used to develop other portraits as well.

A peasant girl with dog and jug is an exceptional piece of art. Gainsborough uses his painting experience to come up with a young girl with tattered clothes and a sad look on her face. To amplify the poverty aspect, Thomas Gainsborough paints the girl with bare feet. He is, however, very keen to ensure her clear face is visible enough. Her short dark hair is nicely done with a lighter stroke made above right eye to give her a real look. The girl is seen holding a brown jug with a flaked top on her right hand while a white dog with black spots sits calmly on her left hand. More details are added to the girls face giving her a helpless expression.

The void look is perfectly delivered, and the general facial expression is fantastic. He then goes ahead to include a detailed background which gives the portrait both meaning and realism. The white and grey clouds can be seen from afar. The whole place is covered by vegetation except the path through which the poor girl is standing. The path is stony, although it requires complete concentration for anyone to notice. There is additional vegetation spanning to the horizon, and this gives the portrait a stunning finish. The portrait is currently a private collection. This means that it is owned by an individual. Its exact location is however not known.