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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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An Unknown Couple in a Landscape is an incredible painting done by Thomas Gainsborough which was released in the mid-1750s. The unknown couple was unidentified, but there is a high chance the couple owned land in the place where he grew up in Suffolk estate. The couple in the painting held looks rich due to their clothes as they are classy.

Gainsborough depicts his expertise in using colour as the colours in the pictures are clear. The picture depicts high-quality colour accuracy and the resolution is fantastic. The green of the trees are conspicuous and one can tell that the tree is rotten. The couple is sitting on a fence which has been clearly painted brown. Tree branches have fallen on the ground which makes the picture amazing. The woman in the picture is holding a porte-crayon in one hand and a drawing in the other hand. This shows that the woman might be an amateur artist who is working on improving her drawings. The clouds in the picture have been painted clearly that one can see them from a distance. An X-ray was done on this painting and it showed that the canvas was re-used.

The previous painting was a half-length portrait of a woman wearing a rose corsage. This shows that Gainsborough was creative. The brushwork on the painting is amazing and one cannot tell if there is another picture underneath. The dimensions of the picture are 76.2 × 67 cm and the medium is oil on canvas. The orientation of the painting is square. The style used to do the painting is known as giclée whereby millions of ink droplets are sprayed on the high-quality paper.

Gainsborough was inspired by the works of Jacob van Ruisdael and Jan Wijnants who also used the ideas of including a decaying tree in a painting. He has inspired by many art students that his paintings are used in art school. An Unknown Couple in a Landscape is similar to other works of Gainsborough including Mr and Mrs Andrews and John Plampin. However, he has other works which are different such as Seashore with Fisherm. The art is commissioned by Thomas Dulwich Picture Gallery London UK and it is owned by The Estate of Thomas Gainsborough which has all the licenses and rights to the picture. An Unknown Couple in a Landscape is amazing wok which brought the idea of using maximum colour in the art industry.