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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Concert of Youths is a painting that has been created circa 1595.

This piece of art, that is also commonly referred to as The Musicians, is actually located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It is displayed in that gallery of New York since 1952. During its time there, the painting has been subject to a massive restoration in 1983.

Moreover, it has been exhibited in various museums all over the United States as well as in Italy, its country of origin, and some European countries such as Spain and Greece.

The painting depicts four boys during a musical performance. Three of them are either singing or expressing themselves by the means of their respective musical instruments, which include a lute.

They are in what appears to be a rehearsal, as the singer is referring to a book for what seems to be the lyrics while the lute player is still tuning his instrument.

As a further matter, the next is holding a horn in his hands. On the other side, the remaining figure seems to give no particular attention to the musical happening.

He appears to be totally focused on picking up a bunch of grapes. Concert of Youths is an allegory of music and love, with the fruit-picking youngster being Cupid. The reason for why it might not seem apparent at first sight is that his wings have been painted over when it was first found in 1952.

The artist also included several personal features in the picture. The most notable one is arguably the second person from the right, as it is Caravaggio himself. In addition, the main figure of the painting, that is the boy playing the lute, is Mario Minniti.

For those who might not know who this is, he is also an artist, but most importantly Michelangelo’s friend and model. The cupid is also a familiar figure as his face is reminiscent of the one portrayed in Boy Peeling Fruit, one of his earlier creations. In so far as the scenery is concerned, however, this was a recurring theme among the artists from that period of time, as the Church was encouraging the promotion of music.

Concert of Youths is said to have been the first picture Caravaggio ever painted for Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte. The latter is none other than the painter’s first major Patron. At that time, the young man was still an artist in the making. As a matter fact, he was only aged 24 when he worked on that particular creation.

At the present moment, the painting is regarded as one of his best creations. This is mainly due to the complexity of that piece of art, as Caravaggio managed to place four half-length realistic figures in one single picture.