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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on December 29, 2023
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Giotto's paintings and architectural designs were both highly influential but also stunning, leading to his best work being reproduced as art prints on a regular basis

Popular Artistic Style

The splendid traditional style of the Early Renaissance, when combined with Giotto's stunning use of colour and portrait details, makes his work immediately recognisable and particularly charming. Whilst many art prints today are reproductions of modern 20th century art, there is still a significant market for work from the old masters of the Renaissance and Baroque art movements.

The religious aspect of much of the work from the Renaissance is another appealing factor to some, where art also carries a moral tale. The main donors during this period where connected to the Church and as such would request paintings along relevant themes. They may also censor elements when deemed inappropriate - such as Michelangelo's Last Judgement where nudity was rejected and the artist forced to make amendments.

Qualities of the Artist

Giotto was a master of figurative art, and many prints will reflect this brilliance within his work. He also used relatively bright tones in the clothing of his figures, as compared to other artists of that period. These suit modern tastes and help art prints to stand out. Darker, more subtle tones may not suit reproductions in quite the same way.

The artist was skilled in drapery, adding clothing in an accurate way. His cloths and materials would appear lifelike, and he required a strong attention to detail in order to achieve such a high standard right across each and every panel painting. His achievements would inspire countless artists who followed on afterwards, as well as the public who continue to buy prints of his work all these years later.

Famous Paintings as Print Reproductions

His work within the Scrovegni Chapel is well known, with tourists still flocking to this venue in the present day. For many, this is their first experience of Giotto's work, and for that reason many of these frescoes will be selected as art prints. Some like to have memories of the visit itself, or perhaps to see an item in more detail than was possible at the time.

Lamentation continues to be one of Giotto's most popular pieces, capturing emotion in a manner rarely seen before. There are also a number of artworks which today reside in the US, and these have also become popular because of the amount of people who have been able to see them in person - most of Giotto's works remain in Italy and would be too fragile to consider moving elsewhere.

Continued Popularity of the Early Renaissance

The Proto Renaissance, where the early shoots of progress were found, remain popular even today. Art prints continue to be sought by Christian art supporters, as well as those who appreciate the technical skills of the likes of Giotto and his followers. There is something classical and charming about his work, which could never lose its charm, even with new artistic styles appearing all the time.

As we move towards minimalist art, where expression and concepts become more important, many are still wanting a return to the technical brilliance and innocence of earlier art styles. Many of the skills found in the Renaissance were passed down through generations, via the busy art studios and regional schools, with the finest work being a culmination of years of practice and study.

Print Customisation

Large frames with inlay cards to separate the print from the inside of the frame are most suitable for work of this style. Metallic, possibly with elaborate patterns can really lift a Renaissance artwork. Minimalist frames are always more suited to modern art, be it truly abstract or perhaps Cubist or Post-impressionist.

Whatever the movement, print retailers tend to have something to suit any taste although larger frames will incur more expensive shipping costs. One option in this case would be to order the print by itself and get it framed locally.

Alternatively, there are also museums and galleries which sell pre-framed prints that may be easier for you to reach. Their selection will tend to be narrower, though, just focusing on their own permanent collections plus perhaps other items that have been recently loaned for an exhibition.

Large Choice of Prints

There are over one hundred Giotto paintings that we are currently aware of and any of these can be reproduced as an art print. Another options is to crop an area of a fresco, enabling greater detail of it to be displayed. With many Renaissance paintings being so complex, this can help to single out individual portraits of a larger composition.

Michelangelo and Masaccio prints are also amongst the most popular art print reproductions from the various stages of the Renaissance. Some of the former's sculptures have been professionally photographed and these prints add a touch of class to any home. His work in the Sistine Chapel has also been cropped into the various individual frescos, to match you preferred choice.