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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Giovanni Bellini prints help to make his installation frescos more accessible to us all

Whilst many will follow the Bellini tour in order to visit his finest paintings, what better than to add reproductions of them into your own home? In some cases a detailed section of a larger artwork can make a great choice too.

The timeless classical style of his work still appeals to many, as does the gifted skills he possessed as a portrait painter. In other cases his religious themes will serve a greater purpose than merely adding beauty to a home or office wall.

A further reason for purchasing reproduction art prints can sometimes be as a momento of a recent holiday or extended stay abroad. Those who studied Bellini's work in person may want something on their wall to remind them of a particularly enjoyable time, almost like a holiday photograph framed on the wall.

Besides Bellini, other related artists whose work you may also consider adding to your home could be Masaccio, whose prints are similarly popular. Beyond that, perhaps also check out the likes of Giotto, Michelangelo, Raphael and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Sculptors such as Bernini can be reproduced as photographic prints, capturing their work in the best light possible.

Italian art, particularly during the Renaissance, retained a great connection to the religious aspect of society and those with faith will gain strength and support from some of the stunning artworks completed over the years. The themes found in religious scripture has provided a powerful inspiration to many artists and even those without faith can still appreciate elements of the stories and the resulting art.

Those considering buying Bellini art prints should take a look at our paintings section in order to pick out your favourite artwork, from a distinguished and extensive career ouevre. The path to stardom for Bellini is outlined in our extensive biography, whilst a full gallery of his finest artwork can be appreciated in the paintings and drawings sections. Most key members of the High Renaissance are popular choices for art prints and also completely free of copyright protection, meaning that all of their work can be offered for sale online. The only requirement is that the company holds a high resolution version of the original that they can use for printed copies.

The Venetian artists themselves have also proved particularly popular because of the brighter colours schemes that they invariably used. The Venetian School had a clear style that most members that passed through would adhere too. This created a type of brand for their work which made it instantly recognisable at that time. This was the same in Rome and Florence, too, before in later centuries there was a merging together to form an overall Italian style with sub-styles amongst that.

Many have discovered the beauty of artists like Giovanni Bellini through printed copies of paintings by Titian, who remains amongst the most famous Italian artist of all time. Their careers were closely related and so even the occasional Renaissance art followers would find the Bellini family when studying the work of Titian. They would also likely then come across the likes of Mantegna and Tintoretto too.

Art history therefore is really just a series of connections, one artist influencing another and so on. The Renaissance was a key period where so much was achieved and developed, without which we would not have the creative styles that we enjoy today. Several of the Venetians would make use of landscapes within their scenes and this encouraged the later genre of landscape painting, which did not really exist at that stage.