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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Wanting to impress a fellow artist is something that is very common in the artistic world. This is usually to show professionalism and exhibit what you can do. One such painting was one that was made by Singer titled Auguste Rodin. That was delivered in 1884.

Emerging from a dark silver background is the well-modeled head of the renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin. The French Sculptor, 1840 - 1917 was the most important sculptor, recognized sculptor of the nineteenth century and had been born from a modest family. The painter was self-taught having been rejected by Ecole de Beaux.

People say that Auguste and Sargent must have at one point in life. This is true Because the two of them who are known for their work met in Paris and became one of the best friends ever known. The two are said to have been foreign artists at the Salon des Vingt in Brussels where they came across each other. This made Singer to, later on, come up with the famous Auguste Rodin painting. The painting dates back to 1884 the same year the two had met at the event. The piece art was aiming to show Rodin that Singer was a profound painter. This painting amazed Rodin to the point that he declared that John Singer Sargent was the Vandyke of their time.

The painting clearly brings of the bold beard of Rodin. The artist decides to go with a good choice of colors to bring out the personality of who Rodin was. The painter brings out his face and clearly describes the thick beard that Rodin had been keeping for years. The painter is determined to make the painting sculptures as possible by bringing out the beard and the hair properly. This is because he's planning to present Rodin in the portrait as a well-experienced sculptor. With all these combined, Sergent is able to produce a picture that describes both the intellect and physical features of Auguste Rodin.

The artist, later on, did a similar portrait about his well-known friend in 1915. This was two years before the death of Rodin. This painting, however, consisted of Robin being in a bright background and still having the thick beard.