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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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By the River painting features only one character who captures the attention of everyone. The characters seem to be reading something like a book though unclear. The character is seated on a boat which we cannot tell if it is floating away or not.

From the Riverside painting, we can see that the character is dressed in fine linen showing that she's from a noble family. The fact that the lady was dressed in a hat and is having an umbrella with her tells us when the painting was done. The season is thought to be summer. The artist is also able to define the environment of the painting clearly. He is able to give us a detailed description of the grass and trees and how green they were. This makes the picture more attractive and colorful. At the background of the art, we're able to see some swans swimming by the river. Though not very clear, you should be able to see them floating and enjoying their time. This suggests that the painting was done near a park.

From the By the River Painting, we can be able to tell that the artist was professional. This is because the painting has a reflection on the water surface. The reflection of the environment being visible in painting was not common in most of the pictures that were done by the time. However, the artist exceeds the expectation and is able to give out the reflection. This shows that he understood the environment correctly and was well conversant with it. The painting proves that the artist was as good as most say he was.

Nothing is usually as stunning as a painting it has been done considering its environs. These paintings typically get to capture the attention of an individual into perspectives, namely the character, the environment itself. Numerous paintings have been done with time, they are able to concentrate on both the environment and the character. One such kind of painting was the one that was done by the American Expatriate artist John Singer Sargent. John Singer was considered a leading portrait painter during his generation and had carved out more than 2,900 paintings and a countless number of sketches by the time of his death.