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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Charles Deering was a well-known businessman who also served in the international Harvester company as a chairman for a quit sometime. He was also a professional in art where he had studied in Paris.

Charles had also served as a navy where he collected pieces of art during his free time. Charles and John Singer had met in 1876. Having been friends for a long period of time, in 1917 Sargent visited Charles at his Miami home where he lived during the winter seasons. To appreciate their friendship John decided to make a portrait for his friend who was aging as a testimony of there longtime friendship.

This piece of art greatly impressed him and he then included it in his collection of arts which consisted of arts that impressed him and through his passionate desire of art, he became the chairperson of Art Institute of Chicago. During the singer’s visit which he stayed with his friend Charles for about two months, he did more of outdoor arts painting that was remarkable. These art pieces made john singer well known for portraits of wealthy people. John also became friends with other artists like Martin A. Ryerson, Anne Swan Coburn and Robert Allerton who greatly supported him in his artwork. By the time Charles Deering died, he had owned most of the artist's work.

John Sargent used a simple technique to draw this art whereby he drew an image of Charles Deering in a white suit relaxed in a wicker chair in a tropical setting with coconut palms, boats and a reflection of bright sunlight background. The art was done on a fine canvas with broken colors which brought out a naturalistic image view and a dark tone of subtle detailed work. This was done in Deering estate which is an elegant estate which is within the city of Miami.

This piece of art was done by John Singer Sargent back in the year 1917. John Sargent painted this art based on American culture. John Singer used a piece of canvas of a length 72.4 cm and width 53.3 cm together with oil and paintings to design the art. The art was then credited by a private collection in Chicago which made Sargent famous for his air (outdoor) artwork.