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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The portrait of Colonel Ian Hamilton was created by an artist known as John Singer Sargent to celebrate his hard-earned life achievement as well as his status.

He entrusted the American artist to paint his image as a way to honour his achievements. The masterpiece portrait is used to portray Ian Hamilton as the colonel and the commander of the 3rd Brigade of the Tirah Expeditionary force during the Gallipoli campaign. He was a powerful commander in the British Army. Back then, being a senior officer in the British Army was seen as a noble profession.

The renowned American artist took upon himself to paint the portrait to a perfectionist. He used hand painting oil and a painting brush to produce a remarkable image of the colonel. The portrait was drawn on a high-quality canvas material. Due to his years of experience in the painting business, he was able to produce a masterpiece portrait. He used his portraiture technical ability to produce the exact image of the colonel. He was able to capture the individuality and personality of the colonel. The colonel Ian Hamilton portrait is now recognized as one of the finest masterpieces ever produced in 1898.

While the other artists strived to achieve impressionism, John Singer Sargent ensured his work portrayed individuality and personality. He captured Colonel Ian Hamilton image as if it was on the motion. He captured every moment as it was. He also painted every curve with an exceptional resolution. He used the oil to maximize the colour accuracy of the image and thus, producing high-quality work. The portrait was an exact image of Colonel Ian Hamilton. Many people were amazed how the renowned artist was able to produce an exact image of the person and thus, sought his services.

His fine work on this piece of the portrait has inspired many artists. Many of them tried to imitate his fine work to no avail. Artists such as Aaron Shikler and Pino Daeni followed after his footsteps. On the other hand, John Singer Sargent was influenced to become a perfectionist in his painting ability by artists such as Tintoretto, Anthony Van Dyck and Diego Velazquez to mention but a few. The fine masterpiece is now safely in the hands of Tate Gallery.