It was painted in 1867 during a period associated with impressionism. Currently, the art piece is located in Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France, and has dimensions of approximately 7 by 10. Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron was finished way before Renoir had hit fame. This artwork features Frederic Bazille, an artist enrolled in a studio with Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley. The frame features Frederic Bazille painting his famous piece The Heron, from 1867. The focus of the piece is Frederic, who is suited in all gray except for his shoes and is sitting on a sleek brown wooden chair. It appears that he is located in a studio, due to the paintings framed front and rear facing in the backdrop. In front of him is the unfinished canvas painting of the Heron, in which he is intently working on. The light seems to be coming from behind the central human figure. This is apparent because a shadow looms over the painting and left side of the wall, most likely part of a window frame.

According to historical observations, the studio in this painting is run by Charles Gleyre, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley. When Renoir composed this piece, he was only beginning his art career as a 26-year-old. This was several years before his first impressionism art exhibit. At this point, Renoir did not have enough money to buy paint and was struggling to sustain himself. Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron was composed one year before his first successful piece Lise With A Parasol was recognized. During 1867, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was still learning, and willfully exchanged and shared techniques will his peers. Indirectly, his newly learned material affected the piece Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron.

Renoir’s worked seemed to be deeply influence by Courbet’s realism. Integrated hints of naturalism and a more melancholy colors schemes in his work. Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron portrays all of this beautifully. It shows elements of grey and brown, with the hint of other colors. Some elements like his lapel, color palette and the red lace over Frederic’s right sock are indications of unique colors. The overall atmosphere of the planting is light and shadowy, unlike most of Renoir’s later works. The piece does have element of impressionism, with thin brushstrokes and dynamic lighting. Unlike Renoir's more recent style, Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron is oddly realistic. The artwork also contains tremendous amounts of beige, much like the work of Manet. In retrospect, Frederic Bazille Painting The Heron also known as Frederic Bazille at his Easel is an oil painting on canvas composed by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. It was composed in 1867 with elements of impressionism. The overall atmosphere of the piece is shadowy and dark, with the main color scheme of grey and beige. The piece is of the artist Frederic Bazille sitting crossed legged painting the heron in an art studio.