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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir had a great passion for cats, and that explains why he included cats in most of his paintings. Cats symbolize motherhood and sensuality. In the painting Girl and Cat, he clearly shows a beautiful young girl sited down; her arms are resting on a table.

On top of the table is a cat standing in its twos. Both the girl and the cat are staring at a flower in a flower pot, on top of the table. The Girl and Cat painting shows the use of bright colours in the painting. The girl and the cat both appear in beautiful bright colours that make the artwork full of life. The cat in the artwork signifies motherhood and sensuality. The artwork was made between 1881 and 1882, during which Pierre-Auguste Renoir used the impressionism technique. Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a strong participant of impressionism as a painting technique, that explains why he has implemented it in most of his paintings. Impressionism involves duplicating natural light, and a natural environment on a painting, so the painting depicts its natural setting. The technique was popular back in the 1870s, and it was popularly referred to as en plein air.

The artist also used the broken brushstrokes technique without paying attention to perfecting the outline of his artwork. Shabby as it sounds, the Girl and Cat painting outcome was an amazing artwork, described by many as one that is full of life. He also used realism by using a real person in the artwork. Girl and Cat artwork was painted on canvas using oil painting. Canvas was used because it is durable; it can survive through many years. While oil paint dries slowly giving the painter enough time to make any necessary changes before it dries out. The painting is full of life because of the colours used on it. The colours show how youthful the girl is as well as how beautiful her red hair is. Her white dress adds beauty and colour to the artwork. The colourful cat’s beauty can also be seen in the painting. The girl in the artwork looks youthful and calm. The cat, on the other hand, looks adventurous and curious as it stares at the flower in the flower pot. Throughout Mr Renoir’s painting career, he involved many models and painters in his work.