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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Girls on the seashore is a painting that was done by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the year 1890

Towards the late 1880s, Renoir started to engage more in more divergent painting techniques from those he had advanced with other artists in the 1870s.

The Girls on the seashore painting was one of these paintings where Renoir was trying to diverge from the impressionist painting techniques that he was used to. The painting is still however synonymous with impressionist painting style.

At this point, Renoir was trying to get more creative with his work. The new trend he took was concentrated more on contours of the painting.

He however still trying to maintain the techniques of impressionist painting that he had been using for long. Girls on the seashore are one of his late paintings and is an amazing work of art. The painting has impressed many and has been a point of reference of Renoir late attempts to get more creative with painting.

Girls on the shore are still synonymous with most of the hallmarks of impressionist painting techniques. It, however, does seem to be a bit different from the previous works Renoir had done. On girls on the seashore, Renoir paid more attention to the contours of the painting. Similarities exist with Fishing for Oysters at Cancale by John Singer Sargent and On the Beach by Edouard Manet.

He still paid a great deal of attention to the balance between the abundant natural light and contrast to bring out the natural colors very well.

The painting depicts the images of two little girls sitting by the seashore watching two other elder women plucking flowers at the seashore.

The two other women are a bit faded though and not as articulate as the two girls. The painting has an aura of contemplation around it. It seems to suggest contemplation of a way of doing things differently. A way of moving away from the normal old way of doing things but still maintaining quality.

Renoir engaged a number of fellow painters in his painting endeavors. He worked with Claude Monet and together they painted same settings and each other’s family members.

He also worked with Alfred Sisley and even painted his portrait. The three painters together with Fredric Bazille studied art together in Paris and were the pioneers of the impressionist painting.

They were taught landscape painting by a renowned French painter named Charles Gleyre. Renoir also found himself fascinated by the works of other painters such as Camille Pissarro and Edouard Manet.

Renoir was able to amass a lot of painting pieces of his decades-long printing career. His paintings prowess has fascinated many even to date. It has inspired generations of painters and some have been able to borrow a leaf from him and become successful painters. Among his most notable painting works is:

The Large Bathers - Renoir was famous for his passion for painting large-bodied nude women. This painting was one such painting and the prowess with which it was done is amazing. The painting depicts the images of several voluptuous nude women taking a bath in an unidentified water body. Part of the models for this painting was his wife Aline Charigot.