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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Among the many paintings, Renoir painted his most famous painting Odalisque, the woman of Algeria in 1870. It's an attractive image of a European woman in extravagant oriental clothing.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, an outstanding French Impressionist was one of the great painters who took pleasure in the divine light and country scenes of the French Riviera. The famous painter alternated his approach of painting in many of his masterpieces. They still remained soft and sensuous, illustrating outdoor scenes of country-dances as well as the oriental painting in fashion. Renoir is mostly interested at this point the oriental idea for the beautiful vibrant colors, atmosphere and fashion of this sector. Renoir uses this as a reason for his new appreciation of colors near his good friend Monet either than Master Courbet. He didn't travel to Algeria until 1881, searching for the perfect orientalist model. After claiming many of the women were unapproachable, Renoir returned back to the comfort of his environment, painting French women wearing exotic dresses and garments.

The artist's painting of Odalisque is extremely accurate; an essence that makes Renoir's works one of the most impressive Impressionist artists. This painting was designed to accomplish a great achievement at the Paris Salon of 1870. These types of images were very popular at that time. In the 1860’s he painted En Plein Air with famous artist Monet, Frederic Bazille, and Alfred Sisley in the Forest of Fontainebleau. This phrase is simply painting in the open air. The outstanding impressionists worked impulsive to capture the transient achievements of light by utilizing radiant shades, and extensive techniques.

Impressionism is the drawing of what the painter defines as existing at a particular location at a specific time. It is the developing of the darkness, the glittering water, and the motion of the people. The artist's needed to begin and finalize their paintings outdoors in order to seize the effect of life. No other painter such as Renoir has ever accomplished in dressing a person so freely with exquisite colours. Only a few other artists can capture moments like these. Renoir's paintings are recognized for their radiant glow and penetrating colours, frequently concentrating in a straightforward arrangement. The artist praised the authenticity of artists Courbet and Monet.

Some of his early paintings featured similarities when he chose to use the colour black. Another great artist Renoir was fascinated with was Boucher. A great painting that is considered one of Renoir’s best works is Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette, where the scene is an open space with many people surrounded in a garden near where he lived. His early works were painting of photos of actual living, full of dazzling shades and brightness. In the 1880’s he used more explicit techniques and paintings of mostly women. Renoir composed many thousands of paintings. His style made his designs some of the most recognized and often reproduced works in the history of art.