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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Renoir is a great artist whose sole aim was to portray the world as it is

When he began showing his works to the world, it was evident that the peoples who viewed his actions considered them taboo.

However, with time the society accepted his works and began regarding them with increased esteem. Renoir covered different forms of paintings ranging from musical instruments to his self-portraits. In two of the latter, he depicts himself as a poor man who wears ragged clothes. He also shows himself as a person whose entire existence depended on his humility.

In his third self-portrait, he depicts himself as otherwise. The painting was hand-painted, and he made use of oil painting to reproduce the canvas of his self-portrait. The painter shows excellent mastery of painting skills as he perfectly recreates different forms of strokes throughout his paintings.

He explains the soul of his paintings. Throughout his art one can easily understand the strides, he makes as an impressionist. His unique style puts him on the top. He also implores traditions from Rubens to Watteau.

An intense look at the painting shows the greatness of the color use. Furthermore, one can see how he widely utilizes shade to influence the colors in the art. He shows exemplary skills and great detonation. The self-portraits put him at a significant success not only as an artist but also as an impressionist.

His portraits depict him as a somewhat ambitious individual from the way he curves as well as brushstrokes his masterpiece self-portrait. The painting shows the composition to be perfunctorily from how he makes use of the brushes to how he resolves the distinct solidness of the portrait.

The way he invokes the painting shows amiable subtlety in his face as well as pleasant intimacy. The art shows that he was at rest and very much resolved. Furthermore, in the picture, it is clear that he considered himself at this point a well-matured man. His confidence emanates from the way he portrays himself.

From the clothes he dresses with one can quickly tell that he oozes with a bout of confidence, maybe believe that he has accumulated over the years from his paintings and his advanced skills and acquired new natures.

His form of artistry is incomparable to any other artists. However, it is clear from his paintings and sculptures that he each intended on doing something new and depicting new scenarios that would be consistent with the nature of his life and that of the society.

The way he painted himself shows that he had a bout of excellent health, he was somewhat at ease with life, and all that came along with it. His clothes also show that he is comfortable with the way he lives, in that, unlike his two other previous self-portraits, he is not poor instead he is somewhat well off.

His gaze shows an exceptional level of intensity, which is an incisive investigation. An in-depth look at his face’s features, it is clear that he understood himself to the very core. His work shows high levels of perfection and resounding artistic skills.