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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Skiff II is an art piece composed by the French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1880

The piece is displayed on canvas with oil paint much like most of Pierre Auguste Renoir's work. The Skiff II is a vibrant piece composed after the famous title The Skiff.

Unlike the original Skiff painting, this piece incorporates a vaster variety of colors, different painting techniques and was not as well known. Currently, the location of the drawing is in a private collection. The dimension of the Skiff II canvas is approximately 7 by 6.

Pierre Auguste Renoir composed the Skiff II piece during his early career as an artist. This painting was composed after his extensive time spent with Monet. This was in the 1870s when Renoir and Monet exchanged techniques and wisdom between each other. Many of the techniques from the time spent with Monet were used in the Skiff II painting.

Most prominently, the title was drawn during the impressionism art revolution. Therefore, the artwork was deeply influenced by the style of impressionism.

By 1880, Renoir was beginning to become recognized in the art industry. He had already participated in plenty of exhibits and had recent success with his piece Mme Charpentier and her Children from 1878.

At this point in Pierre Auguste Renoir’s career, the French painter had begun solidifying his iconic style of vibrant colors and dynamic lighting. This was beautifully displayed in the painting Skiff II.

Much like the original Skiff painting, Skiff II features a golden wooden skiff with a lady fully clothed in white. This is focus of the panting. The lady in the skiff is viewed from an opening within the variety of trees and vegetation. The plants are all colorful and contain trees, flowers, grass and more.

More specifically, a tree fill most of the upper half of the painting, and a vine fills the left half. At the bottom of the canvas, a mixture of grass with vivid green and orange colors can be seen.

With that being said, The entire Skiff II piece has a lot of warm colors accompanied with plenty of green and hints of blue. The time of the piece appears to take place in the Fall season according to the colored leaves and grass.

As explained above, The Skiff II was influenced by impressionism. As displayed, Pierre Auguste Renoir used thin brush strokes to represent shapes. He integrated complementary and vibrant colors to create more depth in the piece as well. Additionally, the use of color blending creates dynamic lighting, establishing an active atmosphere. The overall setting is warm, calming and colorful making Skiff II incredibly eye-catching.

In retrospect, The Skiff II Pierre Auguste Renoir is an oil painting composed in 1880. Released after the authentic Skiff piece, Skiff II features a boat and lady surrounded by vegetation. The title was influenced by impressionism and Renoir's unique artistic techniques. The use of thin brush strokes and contrasting colors create a dynamic, warm and deep oil painting.