The subject of playing the guitar in conjunction with it being input in the drawing was appealing to him for various reasons. For instance, it could be understood that the guitarists were possibly successors to his earlier painting in which he depicted the women who played the piano.

Or maybe he received his inspiration from the “La Belle Otero,” the Spanish dancer who nature was seduction every time the dancer performed. The dancer received incredible and famous entertainment reviews, which was inspiring. These are but a few that might have inspired his drawing.

Another addition to his inspiration might have been the love he had for the enchanting lute players during the 18th-century French painting.

The paintings featured women playing various musical instruments as of the 19th century. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot did these pictures. Renoir’s career rotated around many things. For instance, it veered from the contemporary life in Paris.

The presence of an impressionist is what turned his career. Moreover, his art revolved around the modern dresses that all his earlier models had worn.

Thus, it is no surprise that in the painting, the guitar player dresses not only in a straightforward manner but also in a way that depicts early modernity.

Moreover, the white costume could be indicated as that which represents purity in music. The composition draws various monumental figures.

The structure of the painting revolves around solid triangles, which classical painters loved using.

The style that is used in the painting is marvelous. From the composition to the color, the painter depicts dramatic influences in his art. He does this by invoking various colors not only in the skin of the guitar player but also in her dress. These colors range from pink tones to warm yellow and gray. When the figure touches the light, the glow illuminates the beauty of the painting. The color also shows different shades of green and blue-gray.

Over time, the colors show the richness of the art through how it glows and through how the colors therein harmonize and capture different angles of light as well as shadows, which interests the impressionists.

An outstanding composition is another thing that the painting has. Regarding how the woman, the guitar as well as how the chair is painted, it begs to lay great emphasis on the voluptuous curves in the painting all over again. These curves run in the foreground and receive their anchor ship in the spaces found in between the horizontals and the verticals in the background of the painting.

Outstandingly, the artist depicts human figure significantly and sheds insight into both the past and modernity. He expresses himself in a very incredible way from the way he makes use of color to the shades he applies in the painting. It is no doubt that the composition appealed to him from the heart. Through his depiction of the woman playing the guitar, the artist can bring pleasantness, joy as well as prettiness in play in the whole painting.