Whilst being a proud German who built his early reputation in his native country, this artist had a profound impact on art within the UK and also provided us with a visual who's who of the ruling powers in England at this time. Indeed, once people became aware of his work with Henry VIII on multiple portraits, his financial future was essentially secured as everyone else wanted to be painted by the same artist.

Besides the monarch himself, plus several of his wives, Hans Holbein the Younger also tackled many of his close associates in individual three-quarter length portraits which essentially confirmed their significance within the chambers of powers in England. This was a politically turbulent period in English history and to be on the right side of King Henry VIII was an esssential tool to remaining protected.

Most of this series of portraits would depict a fairly modest expression upon his subjects, whether male or female. You could almost compare these to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, which is famous for its vague expression which remains much discussed even today. Those commissioning each piece would have input into their own portraits and would generally wish to be portrayed as professional and respected.