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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The five centuries that have passed since Holbein's career took flight has meant that no quotes are currently attributed to him

There is plenty of documentation and research around his life and career, and his own artwork. His significant role in the Northern Renaissance meant that his paintings and drawings would always be studied in detail, and many famous historians have given their views on his achievements.

Please find below various quotes about Hans Holbein:

Holbein was one of the foremost of German masters. All his pictures are realistic, and many of them are fantastic; he gave graceful movement and beauty of form to many of his subjects; his drapery was well arranged; his color and manner of painting were good. He painted in fresco and oil colors, executed miniatures and engravings. His portraits were his best works, and in them he equalled the greatest masters. The most reliable portrait of this artist is in the Basle Museum. It is done in red and black chalk, and represents him as a man with regular, well-shaped features, with a cheerful expression which also shows decision of character.

Clara Erskine Clement (Art Historian)

Upon meeting his intended Henry vomited into a young pages hat and took to his bed chamber for six days. During the week the king ordered suckling pigs on platters and pastries of all sorts. He devoured copious amounts of victuals and drank many draughts. His face was shiny with grease and his beard full of crumbs. This is how he went to his wedding chamber.

Thomas Grimwell

His portraiture remains unsurpassed for sureness and economy of statement, penetration into character, and a combined richness and purity of style.

Ellis Waterhouse