The pool in a Harlem is one of the great works. The artist loved to travel a is through travels and movements around the world that inspired her. The work depicts the Muslim world of the places the artist travelled, including Egypt, Sinai, and Turkey. The painter was able to see the unseen while in Instanbul. This was with the help of one of her students, who was inspired by her realism. To make it more particular, the artist bought pictures of the place from Abdullah Freres studio. This would go-ahead to increase the accuracy of the work. It is because of these efforts that the pool in a Harem is considered ornamental.

The pool in a Harem shows Turkish bathing in a Harem. The painter doesn't forget to bring out explicit representations of ethnic groups. In the centre, there are two whites, a black slave as well as two small odalsique — the precise detailing of the floor tiles, the marble, the furniture, and even the clothing. The painter brings out the architecture and the setting in a technique well known as 'academic realism.' The material used for this painting was canvas and highly emphasized on using oil paint. The art was first a qui red in Hermitage in 1918. It is from here that the famous painter grew to fame to become the most controversial yet best painter of the time. The painting is of the nude genre.

Apart from the pool in a Harem, Gerome has also done some more work, which has heightened fame. They include; Young Greek attending a cockfight of 1846, Hail Caesar, we who are about to die to salute you of 1859, The death of Ceasar, and many more works. The art was inspired by the French modernism and highly condemned impression alien who was something practiced highly by the French community. The artist went ahead to inspire even modern artists of the twenty-first century. With the lack of care about people's opinion, the artist was able to bring out what most people could not in a long time. So make sure to interact with this great voice of art if you haven't yet.