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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Jean-Leon Gerome was a worldly renowned French painter of his generation. He is mostly accredited for initiating change in historical paintings. He is known for his skills and theatrically art in his work, which attracted many. The painting "Truth Coming Out of Her Well" a highly notable painting is one of Leon Gerome best works and ranks highly in comparison with his other paintings. Truth coming out of the well, like many of his other paintings, employed the use of Oil on canvas medium as a principal method of producing his panting. Leon Gerome completed the painting in the year 1896. Its dimensions were 91 cm by 72 cm (approximately 36 by 28 inches). The painting Truth Coming Out of Her Well shows a naked woman with a pale skin complexion, coming out of a well with her mouth open. She is screaming in anger or an exclamation. She holds a switch in her right hand. The paleness of her skin strengthened by the generally dark background and green leaves behind her. The surrounding is enveloped by the red sunset and dominion of blue light. The painting Truth Coming Out of Her Well is thought to have been sourced from the interpretation of an epigram by Democritus, a renowned Greek philosopher. Democritus described the truth as an unknown which is hidden in a well. The message delivered by Jean Leon Gerome's painting, Truth Coming Out of Her Well, is a narrative of uncertainty. Truth represents the domination of Leon's conscious method and his exploration on the authenticity in the painting, Truth coming out of her well. The woman filled with outrage as she climbs out of the well. This anger is probably directed towards artists or her critics. In mid-1890s Gerome made numerous paintings advancing a similar style to that of Truth Coming Out of Her Well, symbolising Truth as an unclothed woman, who is thrown into a well, drowned in the well, or arising from a well. The naked woman directly signifies the naked Truth. Édouard Debat-Ponsan gained inspiration from Leon Gerome's paintings. The painting Truth Coming Out of Her Well is part of a permanent exhibition in Moulins, France at the Musée Anne de Beaujeu. The painting has been in the exhibition since 1978.