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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Banks of the Seine is a series of paintings done by Pierre-Auguste Renoir between the year 1874 and 1880

The paintings were paintings of river bank settings at different parts of the river Seine. The series consists up several pieces at different points of the river, therefore, presenting a different setting and light and color blends.

The pieces of the series include The Banks of the Seine at Champrosay, Bulrushes on the Banks of the Seine, The Skiff, Banks of the Seine at Asnieres, and the Banks Of The Seine At Argenteuil. This series is one of the most popular artworks of Renoir’s impressionist painting endeavors.

Each of the paintings had a unique blend of colors and light balance. They all had the original touch of impressionism and landscape painting. Renoir was working with fellow impressionist painters at the time of painting this series. It is a phenomenal piece of artwork that has influenced painters up to date.

The painting series employe all the impressionist painting techniques. All the painting were painted in plenty of sunlight and the sunlight blended well with the natural colors of the vegetation and structures along the river bank.

For instance, the Banks of the Seine at Champrosay depicts images of lush green vegetation along the river bank with the river seen flowing across with it deep blue color. The blend of the sun the lush vegetation and the river watercolor is fantastic. It makes the painting a sight to behold.

Another painting of the same series, Bulrushes on the Banks of the Seine depicts almost the same appearance as the Banks of the Seine at Champrosay, but in this case, there are the colorful bulrushes along the river and the river is seen on the far corner. The setting also seems to be on an evening. More attention is paid to the bulrushes than to the river and the skyline. The blend of the evening light and the bulrushes contrast is, however, amazing and creates an amazing ambiance.

Across his painting endeavors, Renoir engaged in both classical painting and impressionist painting. He was able to work with a number of artists who would influence his technique and creativity in painting. Among those who Renoir worked with in impressionist painting are; Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, and Frédéric Bazille. These are painters he had schooled with, in Paris and the instructions of famous landscape painter Charles Gleyre.

Gleyre would turn out to have a tremendous impact on the works of Renoir as far as landscape painting is concerned. Monet produced The Seine Near Giverny amongst many other artworks in Giverny.

Renoir did a couple of paintings that turned out to be very successful and popular. Renoir's paintings are still held in very high regard today and some are very valuable. Among Renoirs most popular works is:

Dance at Bougival - Renoir loved to paint female beauty. This painting, otherwise known as Bal à Bougival, is one of those paintings in which he tried to capture female sensuality at it best. The painting was a series of three pieces featuring two of Renoir’s friends Suzanne Valadon and Paul Auguste Llhote. The painting shows the two in what seems like a very passionate and romantic embrace, will the sensuality of the lady in full glare.