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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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One of the significant people that changed Renoir was Alfred Sisley

Renoir had continued to prove himself over and over again with the beautiful art that he made. He showed the different influences and inspirations that had him drawing.

From his travels to his surroundings and even his friends and colleagues, all of these evidently magnificently influenced Renoir’s paintings.

Alfred Sisley was a magnificent painter who was born in Paris, France on October 30, 1839. Notably, he had initially come from a well-off family whom the Franco-German War crippled them financially and left them ruined.

However, Sisley was still bent on making painting his career. He loved painting and nothing that was going to stop him. However, for the rest of his life, he struggled with poverty. Sisley’s associates were Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet.

Renoir too had experienced some financial problems. However, eight years after he had found enough money to enter into the School of Fine Arts in the year 1862. At this time, that Renoir met with Alfred Sisley during the private workshops that he attended of Charles Gleyre, which was parallel to the School’s courses. He passed away in the year 1899 in Moret-our-long, France.

Renoir painted several paintings of the painter. One of the most prominent works that he painted of Sisley was one where he was seated looking relaxed. Renoir used different strokes of paint to depict how comfortable Sisley was. Furthermore, he used different strokes of brushes to show the various complexities of colors surrounding the painter. He laid with his back against the seat and with one of his hands in his pocket whiles the other on the arm of the chair.

Besides, he looked as though he had dressed luxuriously to an extent since his clothing did not show that he was struggling with poverty. Also, Renoir was able to depict mystery in the face of Sisley the painter in that although his face shows him rested; his eyes show him to be in deep thoughts. Alternatively, lost somewhere deep and far from where any of the observers could reasonably grasp. Moreover, Renoir used various types of thematic compositions to enable the observer to have different views of the artwork.

This painting shows that Renoir is a great artist and impressionist who can paint just about anything. From his beautiful pictures of the views of the city, of Paris among other landscapes to drawing people who contributed to the mastery of his excellent skills, Renoir is just magnificent in all his artwork depictions.

Finally, it is essential to reanimate that this is not the only painting that Renoir painted of Sisley, his associate. He painted other pictures of the painter from that of him and his wife about two weeks after they were married. He also painted a painting of Sisley and his sisters to mention but a few. In each of his works, Renoir has proved magnificence in all his artwork from painting to impressionism.