It's one of the many paintings that he did during his early expeditions and tours while accompanying an important Government survey expedition in the 1870s that explored what is now the yellow stone park. It's here in the western regions of America where he found instant fascination with the eroded cliffs surrounding the green river in Wyoming.

Materials and Making

The painting was made in the year 1871 in America`s west region with primary materials being oils and canvas. The painting is an original handmade art with acrylic oil paints on a canvas presenting a romanticism style of art. This wasn’t just any normal landscape art but had an underlying ideology which carried a deeper meaning about the American search for a national identity amid the westward rapid expansion that was underway.

Content and Theme

The painting reveals a river leading to a rocky hill with some very steep side slopes, with a rough terrain and a shaky flat top. The whole painting mirrors a unique and dubbing style of brushwork and use of color with the rocks painted with shades of gold, yellow, and orange, invoking a sense of a very warm environment. Painted just below the rocks is a river that slowly wines and bends, guiding the eyes of viewers through some small planted patches of trees until it comes upon that bright yellow base of a large rocky surface which has a color flower-like appearance of sulfur deposits.


Thomas Moran distinguishes himself as one of the best landscape artists of his time, drawing much inspiration from J.M.W Turner who was a British artist and who would later make a lasting influence on Thomas Moran`s works of art. His good use of color in his vast variety of landscape paintings and sketches that helped in the discovery of yellow stone park in American history continues to inspire many professional and amateur painters around the world.

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