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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Composition X was one of the best works of Wassily Kandinsky and has gained worldwide viewership in exhibitions.

Initially, the creation of the composition x painting was influenced by the biomorphic forms of surrealism.

However, Wassily Kandinsky later employed the art of using organic shapes in his paintings. This is a style that he then used throughout his paintings.

The style gave his work the uniqueness. It was easy and almost impossible not to recognize paintings created by Wassily Kandinsky when displayed in exhibitions or elsewhere.

Further, the composition x painting was created in France. Viewing the painting closely indicates that the painter utilized a black background. The primary reason for using the black background was so that the colors at the foreground could be clearly visible.

This was a piece of art that was created by Wassily Kandinsky in the year 1939. This was barely some years just after starting on the art of painting. The composition X painting is a magnificent piece of artwork that has been showcased in exhibitions across the world.

As evident in most of his paintings, black color was sparingly used. This means that the black color on the composition X painting was significant. It represents the cosmos and also the darkness which is believed to be at the end of life. The numerous floating planes of color in the painting is a representation of microscopic organisms.

However, it was also used as an indication of the feelings and emotions of Wassily Kandinsky that he experienced during the last days of his life.

The organization of forms within the picture and the harsh edges together with the black background is an illustration of the harmony and stresses that are experienced throughout the world.

The artist of the composition x incorporated different skills and techniques to ensure that the work stood out from the rest and a message was conveyed to the target audience gradually. Additionally, this composition x is the last in a series of his compositions. It primarily represents Wassily Kandinsky investigation into the purity of forms and the expression through non-representational painting.

Wassily Kandinsky painting works incorporated color and form among other elements of art. The skills and professionalism of Wassily Kandinsky made the work to be outstanding and attractive to the eyes of the audience.

Painting is a form of art that is used to present inner thoughts of an artist. There are various forms of art that are existent. Music and painting are part of the most popular forms of art. Painters such as Wassily Kandinsky gained popularity and worldwide recognition due to their great skills in painting.

In history, Wassily Kandinsky is best known as a Russian painter and an art theorist. His style of painting included the abstract forms for which he gained great recognition for. His work varied greatly from those of other painters in that he created purely abstract works. He did not start painting at his early age as it is with most renowned painters if the 20th century. Instead he majored on his profession as an economist and started doing painting work when he was 30 years of age.