This abstract artwork features precise forms of circles, triangles and rectangles which is entirely in line with the artist's work towards the end of his career. There is a precision that varied considerably with the earlier parts of his career. We find a large number of rectangles that are sliced into six different sections, separated by white lines. There are then complementary colours to fill each of these segments. There are then curved elements with some parts filled with further detail but these feel freer in form. The main focus for any viewer will, of course, be the huge yellow circle in the top left which features a series of darker dots within it, and then a stroke of light green that surrounds this exciting shape. It feels like a representation of a constellation, though some of the detail elsewhere reminds us of african artistic styles. It is truly abstract, and harder to decipher than some of Kandinsky's more traditional work.

Kandinsky himself remains one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and came from Russia to become a major part of Germany's new push within contemporary art. He joined forces with a number of notable artists to push new ideas and form several different important new movements. There would also be similar occurences elsewhere in Europe, such as with the Surrealists as well as alternative forms of abstract art.

A trip to the Centre Georges Pompidou will allow you to see this artwork in person, most of the time. They also host a huge amount of other work too that will spread your knowledge of contemporary art and allow you to enjoy a full day looking around this institution's vast collection. Some of the highlights to be found here include The Frame by Frida Kahlo, The Betrothed and the Eiffel Tower from Marc Chagall, Matisse's La Blouse Roumaine and also New York City by Piet Mondrian. Most major European artists from the early 20th century can be found here and it is rare to find such a complete collection of these related movements together under one roof, anywhere in the world. Despite being up against a number of other world class galleries within Paris, this venue still attracts millions of visitors each and every year.