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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The scene of this painting is in a wild jungle and has two antagonists, a lion, and a snake caught in a fierce battle over a dead deer. Additionally, we can see the lion ready to engage in a one on one with the snake. The lion assumes a standing figure boldly over its kill with its mouth wide open.

As such, this portrays the lion having a dominant roar that is likely to scare the snake away. Despite this, the snake is still reluctant to retreat. For instance, it maintains its ground with its venous teeth flung out, and its tongue is hissing out death; this is a sign that it is willing to strike back. The painting is a clear demonstration of what happens in the jungle. It Illustrates the stages of life up to death. The painting revolves around three animals, a deer, a snake, and a lion. However, the dear shadowed by the ongoing battle between the lion and snake. Regardless, its presence is still necessary since it illustrates that death makes us vulnerable and powerless. The other two elements of the painting are the lion and the snake. They are engaged in battle, thus showing that life in the jungle is about survival for the fittest.

As seen above, the painting is an accurate tale of how life is in the jungle. Additionally, the picture also shows that Edwin is well aware of animal anatomy. For instance, he portrays three animals perfectly in a painting. Further, his perfect blend of the color sets the background as jungle, thus making the piece relevant. Art is an ancient way of life of humans that dates back to the stone age yet is still widely celebrated. In the past, for instance, art was as simple as sketching figures and bodies onto walls and surfaces. However, with the new age, art has evolved into a style greater and better than sketches and carvings on walls.

A good example of this evolution is the art of painting and how it has progressed and absorbed different styles and techniques along the way. So, today's article is going to focus on an artist obsessed with painting animal pictures. Further, we'll also discuss how he trebled the artistic world with his famous piece, the "Lion Defending its Prey."