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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edwin Henry Landseer was a complicated character, an outspoken artist whose quotes can help us to understand better his character as well as his more general outlook on his career.

Famous Quotes by Edwin Henry Landseer

My first object in a bedroom is freedom of air and a comfortable lookout.

Every day finds me weaker.

Flogging would be mild compared to my sufferings

He only thinks of himself not the least feeling for art or the reputation of the author or authors - a heartless flattering humbug.

I am still occupied at the Palace. Her Majesty is all whim and fancy.

If people only knew as much about painting as I do, they would never buy my pictures.

It is quite time to give that Frenchman up.

I have been further north this season and am a little crazy with the beauties of the Highlands.

[Landseer was confident that his] "...experience of the animal - photographs, casts in plaster - and studies... [would] ...neither disappoint the country or the brave Nelson in my treatment of these symbols of our national defences..."

There is a stern sincerity about Highland rocks, a sort of unadorned truth that you don't find in the rich combinations of the Banks of Conan - where everything is suggestive of comfort and tenderness.

There would not be Peace unless Ireland were dipped in the sea like a tea sieve

They will not let me do much more than meditate in the old Studio.

Today in spite of the wise men I have been at my Easel, and feel all the better for my little spell of work

Quotes about Edwin Henry Landseer by Academics and Fellow Artists

Landseer was one of the nineteenth century's most renowned painters and was reputed to have been Queen Victoria's favourite. He first exhibited his work at the Royal Academy in 1816 when only fourteen years old and went onto establish his reputation with a series of animal subjects, particularly horses, dogs and stags who were often shown parodying human behaviours. In 1858, the government commissioned Landseer to make four bronze lions for the base of Nelson's Column in nearby Trafalgar Square. Following a series of long delays and Landseer's ill-health, the sculptures were eventually installed almost ten years later in 1867.

National Portrait Gallery

You ask after ...my faithful, but not disinterested Eos. She is very well, looks after herself as much as she can, sleeps by the stove, is very friendly if there is plum-cake in the room, very much put out when she has to jump over the stick, keen on hunting, sleepy after it, always proud and contemptuous of other dogs.

Queen Victoria

Amongst my presents to him was a large life size picture of Eos by Landseer, with which he was quite delighted, & it came as a complete surprise.

Queen Victoria