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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Windsor Castle in Modern Times - Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Victoria, Princess Royal' by Edwin Henry Landseer is a touching Royal Portrait, an oil on canvas of dimensions 113.4 x 144.3 cm. Painted between 1841 and 1843.

The picture truly is one of contented home life, showing the Queen and Prince deep in conversation as their young daughter plays; and the dogs also play, pose, or seek attention. Set possibly in Windsor Castle's White Drawing Room, the slightly amusing and concerning thing is that little Princess Victoria is surrounded by dead game birds brought home by her father, and seems happy to play with and among them as her father and mother talk.

The room space is small, with a window overlooking beautiful formal gardens and a fountain. The Prince is seated on a gold and green couch, with a black and white greyhound sitting at his feet and gazing up at him, beside him on the couch, a black terrier seeks his attention. The prince wears fawn breeches, brown boots, one foot resting on a footstool, a dark blue velvet jacket and a shirt and waistcoat. He has dark hair and his expression is tired but attentive as he gazes at the Queen as they speak.

Behind the Prince is a green drape and a long picture, the subject of which is not visible. The Queen stands beside the couch, dark haired and dressed in a flowing white satin dress and holding a posy, dressed almost as a bridesmaid, her hair is tied back and she wears something round her neck. Her expression is hard to judge as she speaks to the prince. Behind her the door is open and a trophy on a stand is behind it. The carpet is dark and patterned and there is a beige rug with red trim. On the rug are dead game birds(ducks)and an excited and playful pair of small brown terriers, one of whom is watching the prince and the other the princess, a leash is on the ground beside the second terrier.

The other furniture in the room are a large trophy on a stand, and a gold and green windowseat and foot rest. The young princess stands beside the seat,golden haired and pale skinned, dressed in a little white dress and dark bootees, her sun bonnet is on her back, she is playing happily beside a dead pair of pheasants on the footstool and appears to be holding a dead Kingfisher. It is a lovely Royal family scene, if slightly unnerving with the princess playing among the dead birds.