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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Theodore, a French artist, was a master of nude human images. He was good at creating muscles, figures and movement. The mastery was evident in the painting of the Nude Warrior with a Spear.

In the painting, there is a nude man who holds a spear. He sits on what looks like a rock, facing a barren land. His garment is placed on the rock behind him. The landscape is well-spread out. There are mountains seen from a distance with white clouds. The painter worked out the soil hues to give the ground some weight and a solid look. This piece also presents a good study of form as he has created parallel diagonals with the right leg, spear and left arm. The body is then interlocked into a series of triangles, as one can see from the bent left thigh and the right arm.

From the look of the image, the man seems to be deeply engrossed in thought as if reflecting on something that is happening in the world around him. Theodore has played with hues well to give prominence to the parts that are facing the reader and make items dark as one moves away from the foreground. Shadows of the head and the right arms are placed perfectly to create a realistic image of a person out there in the open.

The drawing of the nude humans was a norm during the period. These images, known as academies, were a part of the painting training where artists were able to learn more about human anatomy and practice on painting the right proportions of all the body. This was one of the several paintings that Theodore drew of a nude person. His tutor did not approve some of the art pieces. However, all of them were spectacular paintings that showed his ambitions in the world of art. They would form a basis for his painting style later in life.

He used a style called Romanticism. The style allowed artists to use their imaginations when creating pieces of art. They could play with hues, lighting and elements of nature to create masterpieces as they saw fit. This style of painting allowed painters to try various colour combinations and paint things that were in their minds without keeping to the rule book. It was a way of expressing liberty and defending their rights to creativity.

Theodore remains one of the most celebrated nude painters of his time. His Romanticism type of art has inspired countless artists all through the 19th century that include Carl Bloch, Thomas Burke, William Morris and William Blake, among many others. Each of them was celebrated for his creativity and intuition in creating the masterpieces.