The print presents a cute early morning view of Niagara Falls. There is a rock protruding from the bright vegetation with two people – one standing, the other sitting. From the far left, the waterfall emerges displaying the massive flow of water into the lower side of the river terrain. The water is sparkling clean, and the river valley is guarded by unique vegetation. This print is an epitome of the exceptional works of Thomas that showcase his talent, and skill.

Thomas Cole was in love with nature after he traveled exploring the landscape in North America. Coles' wonderful paintings were popular in his days, and he inspired the Hudson River School art movement of the 19th century. This print prompts viewers to visit the actual Niagara Fall to experience the charming landscape firsthand. Cole's artistry was popularized by his signature pieces known as The Course of Empire, and The Voyage of Life.

Modern artists draw much inspiration from this iconic figure. Prints related to the Distant View of Niagara Falls include The Voyage of Life series, The Course of Empire series, A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains, and River in the Cat Skills. The collection is vast and presentable. Other artists in the circle of influence with Cole include Thomas Moran, and Albert Bierstadt.

The Distant view of Niagara Falls can be traced at which archives Thomas Cole's artworks. You can view this print, and other works by the same artists. You can buy this print, and many more at friendly prices by simply transacting online. Enjoy an assortment of timeless artistic presentations. Artists in this field can learn a lot to enrich their skills.

The print Distant View of Niagara Falls was meticulously produced by Intaglio printing featuring engraved painting of Thomas Cole in 1830. The dull theme and brightly colored features of the print bring out a balanced contrast that enhances authenticity of this artwork. The print is natural with no exaggerations like a photo taken by a camera. The essence of the artwork was to express the beauty, and uniqueness of landscape. Cole ventured on paintings of relief features because he traveled a lot for adventure, interacting with nature. The magic of nature is unlimited, and this is a vast niche that other artists can embrace. The paintings of Cole exhibit outright originality, brilliance, elegance, and impeccable skill.

Distant View of Niagara Falls in Detail Thomas Cole