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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Prodigious Idyllic Nature

Pastoral recreation picture is painted by a renowned painter called William adolphe bouguereau who was born in the 1820’s and developed a love for nature, religion and literature.

He loved art and set his mind to perceive it to the fullest, learnt about oil paintings which he later on did throughout his life.

The pastoral recreation oil canvas media based picture with a neoclassic style is one of his creations showing the eurythmic of the human form in traditional way following a classic approach to composition form.

The outdoor subject matter of the shepherdesses is intertwined with family love and religion.

The painting displays an activity of leisure being discretionary time. For the painter he saw the need for essential element of human biology and psychology done for enjoyment, amusement or pleasure and considered to be fun.

It is a genre that beats the test of time and shows pastoralism way of living which entails the outdoor way of living of the people that made them entertained and bond with the nature.

Music and learning instruments in the painting shows it is an art and a way of living admired by people who lived in that era. The painting is welcoming and warm scenery covered with happiness of a complete family cohesion. This being a Role of a mother to her children and teaching ways to pass from a generation to the next.

It displays way of dressing both for men, women and children, showing a simple and easy mode that is suited for flexible activities. It also shows the role of a father being the care giver, overseer and control completing the family set up.

Williams’s pastoral recreation picture blend in any kind of setting and environment as the choice of colors and theme compliment the natural beauty.

This style of painting complements the rich and the famous, hotels, restaurants, museums, internationally renowned interior designers and importantly art lovers worldwide as it is showing traditions and the beauty of life shared by the painter.