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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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William Bouguereau has a wonderful style which delights people of all ages. Bouguereaus adored detail in his work and his Study of a Young Girl's Head is an example of that.

Everything in the background is hazy. It was not necessary for him to add a lot of complex scenery to it because that was not the purpose of this painting.

Bouguereau creates an edge for himself by studying the anatomy involved in this perfect work of art. His craftsmanship helps him in taking care of business with the layout that ought to be shown in each work. The portrait head shows how much the artist focused on getting the details right in paintings like The Thank Offering. Neoclassicism workmanship fans are likely to appreciate the construction of the figure's nose and head.

In The Bird Ch Ri and his other work, it is easy to see that he worked hard on the anatomical details. He left nothing to chance and spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that every part of his wok was precise. This lent additional beauty to each piece that he did.

Whether he painted an adult or a child, he was able to create something on canvas that felt so real that you could almost reach in and grasp the foot or nose of the person being portrayed. The artist has stuck to his discipline in Study of a Young Girl's Head.

While this is a study and not a final painting, it examines the subject from an angle in detail, in preparation for the final work. As the name indicates, most of the detail seen in the work is actually in the head of the subject. She is turned away from the artist and he examines the way that the shadows fall across her as she leans forward.

In this study, he does not pay a lot of attention to her hair. Instead, Bouguereau chooses to focus on her nose, ears, chin and back, all the aspects of which he will need to be aware while painting the final work. Since it is a study, it lacks the completeness of his other paintings. However, it has immense value as an example of the artist's work. It also helps fans of his painting to understand how he approaches his work.