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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Two sisters painting by William Bouguereau is a stunning production in high quality, giclee art on heavy-weight canvas.

The original Two Sisters 1901 was printed in 1901 and represents another example of William Bouguereau’s wonderful sentimental agrarian compositions, stressing why he became so famous at the turn of the 19th century.

From a viewer’s perspective, their views tend to fall into two distinct camps: one camp either hates it for its accurate yet undoubtedly posed presentation of the French idyll.

The other camp embraces and cherishes the picture taking into consideration the time long lost of innocence and simplicity back in the old days. Two sisters is a wonderful presentation of academic style.

Two Sisters 1901 is yet another showcase of how William Bouguereau art paintings attract favor around the world, especially in fine taste American homes. This picture would bring charm and beauty to any home.

In online galleries, it is not the original Two Sisters but its reproduction.

William Bouguereau was a French academic painter; a strong traditionalist renowned for accurate paintings and mythological themes, interpreting modern classical subjects with heavy emphasis on the female human body.

He created photo-realistic style, common with rich art patrons.

Two Sisters 1901 is either supplied as a canvas for you to frame or is supplied mounted, varnished and framed with one of the pictures shown.

William Bouguereau paintings help shape the cause of upcoming photographers, learning from various aspects of the fine art paintings. Photographers need to study such paintings, the direction of light, composition basics, color and light intensity and various elements filling the frame.

Other aspects to study and learn from are gesture and poses of the characters inside the frame. Taking pictures resembling closely to William Bouguereau paintings such as the Two Sisters 1901, your vision is more likely to change so will be your creations.

Although Bouguereau produced 822 paintings, many of these paintings whereabouts are still unknown. William Bouguereau also studied classical literature dictating his subject choice for the rest of his career.