Pollock stated laying canvas on the floor and poured, drabbed and flicked paints onto the surface, straight from the can with stiffened brushes and sticks.

He applied more skeins of paints in different colours, lines thin and thick, dark and light, straight and curved, vertical and horizontal.

As the title suggests, the horizontal orientation, the colouring and the sense of space and ground in the cathedral are strongly evocative of nature.

The balance between chance and control that Pollock stick to throughout his working progress produced works of art that have much clam tranquility. The pictorial result of this art of painting is a landmark in the history of abstract expression.

In fact, the iconic drip style of Jackson Pollock, the father of abstract expressionism, was captured in quality framed print. Because this is a wild marriage of colour and line, it will automatically add a bold vital point to any space.